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Key Publications

 These publications highlight several of the critical findings upon which our current projects are based. This section is updated regularly as new findings are published so check back regularly.

Mark4 as a Therapeutic Target for VCID

In 2019, we identified that subcortical stroke results in the significant up-regulation of Mark4, a microtubule-associated enzyme that regulates the phosphorylation of tau. We showed that subcortical stroke activates tau aggregation and that Mark4 potentiates tau aggregation. We have since worked to identify novel inhibitors of Mark4 that are entering testing in animal models of VCID.

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Novel Diagnostic Assay for VCID

Inflammation is a key driver of brain vascular injury. Damage to the brain's small blood vessels by chronic inflammation increases the risk of dementia and stroke. We identified a panel of six inflammatory molecules centered on the pleiotropic cytokine, IL-18 that tightly associates with MRI markers of brain vascular injury.

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