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The Hinman Lab

A translational neuroscience lab studying the molecular pathways driving the two most common neurologic disorders: stroke and dementia
Operating with a shared goal of repairing the brain and halting neurodegeneration


Translational Research to Bridge the Diagnostic and Treatment Gaps

in Neurology

The Hinman Lab  explores the discovery of molecular pathways behind the two most common neurologic diseases: stroke and dementia.


Together, more than 6 million people in the US struggle with these diseases and there is evolving recognition of significant overlap between vascular brain injury and neurodegenerative conditions. We focus on identifying pathways that can translate to diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for these disorders. Since 2013, we have been driven by this mission of discovery.


Neurovascular Pathways Driving Tau

Dysregulation of the brain's vascular tree is increasing recognized as a major contributor the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. This NIA-funded project with support from the Ressler Foundation, seeks to detail the molecular pathways driving neurodegeneration particularly the aggregation of tau. Using a novel viral transcriptional profiling toolbox developed by the lab, we have identified early gliovascular dysfunction during the prodromal stages of tauopathy.

Meet Dr. Hinman

Principal Investigator

Jason obtained his MD/PhD from Boston University School of Medicine and  completed Adult Neurology Residency and Vascular Neurology Fellowship with specialization in Neurorehabilitation. He joined UCLA faculty in 2013 and believes in equity in education, science, and medicine.

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